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All varieties of pumpkins are considered a superfood as well as a staple food in both Islamic and Chinese traditions. Whilst we tend to believe that the pumpkin is a vegetable actually its a fruit. Anything with seeds is considered a fruit.  

According to the Prophetic medicine, pumpkin soup was a favourite meal of the Prophet (SAW). It is best eaten in Autumn resembling its colour. The entire pumpkin including seeds and skin should be eaten as there are so many therapeutic values. 

During the golden ages during the Moors era in Andalusia, the moors used to eat the seeds to prevent prostrate cancer hence why I request that men should eat a handful every day. 

The pumpkin is truly miraculous and benefits the Kidney, Large Intestines, Spleen and Stomach. Pumpkin has the ability to provide energy (Qi), which is translated into strengthening your vital life force. The colour orange aligns with the fact that it is nourishing for your Stomach and Spleen during the time of the Earth element. Stomach and Spleen are considered as the Earth in our body as if our Earth is damaged, it is natural everything else will fall out of balance, hence why the intake of nourishing wholesome food is so detrimental to our health. 

The Earth element is highlighted in autumn along with the taste of sweet which the pumpkin encompasses. Pumpkins are excellent sources of fibre, vitamins C, B1 and B6, niacin, potassium, folic acid, pantothenic acid, alpha and beta carotenes, which gives their flesh its rich orange gold coloring. The earth element loves foods in colours like orange, yellows, browns that have roots from the Earth.

So, why is pumpkin regarded as such an important food? It circulates Blood, disperses cold, resolves phlegm, removes dampness with accompanying symptoms like dysentery, diarrheoa, eczema, stomach aches, hemorrhoids, intestinal worms, joint pain and helps with diabetes. 

Related to pregnancy, it calms the feotus, promotes lactation and benefits post-partum fluid metabolism (especially hand and feet swelling). All hard fleshed squash like pumpkin is wonderful at regulating the bowels, no matter if you are dealing with loose stools, constipation, sensitive digestion, Crohn’s or irritable bowel syndrome.

The whole pumpkin provides benefits, pepitas, or pumpkin seeds, are very healthful to snack on. They have been recognised for their ability to kill parasites or intestinal worms.

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