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In order to treat psoriasis, a doctor needs to remove pathogens, wind/heat in order to stimulate healthy flow of Blood, Qi, emotions and balance any disharmonies.

Acupuncture: needles placed near the inflamed area to draw more energy for healing and inflammation relief.

Herbs combined with a proper diet and lifestyle can create balance within the body, dispelling the pathogens, imbalances and or deficiencies leading to psoriasis. To understand which herb and or formula works for you, please see your TICM doctor who will go through all signs and symptoms to get to the root of the problem.

Burdock root can dispels pathogens, which is considered cold in essence, so it is able to remove heat and naturally detoxify the body of heat related conditions, reinforces Kidney, purifies Blood and detoxes the Liver.

Job's tears (Yi Yi Ren/Pearl barley) clears heat, tonifies the Spleen, which is a determinant of skin health, helps metabolise fluids.

Spleen herbs nourishes Blood, strengthens digestion and improves emotional health, removes dampness, strengthens digestion to balance fluids.

Topical treatments: jojoba oil, fig leaves, detox baths – please see previous posts.

Avoid: cold food and drinks; spicy, greasy, inflammatory and fried food, do not eat late at night, work on natural stress relief and consume ginger powder tea daily to combat inflammation. Reduce or avoid iced beverages and too much raw and cold foods.

Do consume easily digestible food, eat breakfast and lunch at consistent times every day. For breakfast try oatmeal (not instant) or congee with toppings of your preference. For other meals, focus on a variety of lightly cooked vegetables, bone broths, soups, quality sources of protein. The better the Stomach and Spleen function work, the more nutrients and Blood get to where they need to go within the body. Bone broth is a super healer food to be consumed daily.

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