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Prostrate: Drug free options

Men: this post is for you. I do not write enough posts for men, but God willing that will change. A tiny secret, I actually prefer to work on men as men issues are all mainly external and easy to solve. With us women, everything is very deep, internal, and harder to resolve as we are very emotional beings! So men, I urge and encourage you to palpate and check your breasts and prostrate at least once a month for any unusual lumps and bumps. For the breast checks, start from underneath your armpits like the women should be doing. The best time for this would be when you are in the shower. If you are reluctant in checking yourself, get your partner to do it as there are some things women are better at. Both men and women have their roles and play their part in society. I will not go into it now, but this could form part of your foreplay during intimacy as I cannot stress enough how important this is. Hope I am not embarrassing anyone talking about the birds and bees as it is a very natural part of life. Intercourse alone can eradicate so many diseases especially mental health and neurological issues. I laugh as I dictate this for admin as when I tell patients this they laugh at me like I am crazy. A lot of what I say sounds crazy but you have to admit it makes sense.

As men age, it is claimed that the prostrate enlarges. However, depending on how much you value your health, you have the ability to prevent prostrate issues.

Pumpkin seeds: this is something I advise all men to take as this is what the Moors took to prevent prostrate issues. 2 large German trials reported a reduction in BHP symptoms in men eating a handful of pumpkin seeds daily. Make sure to purchase good quality or if you eat pumpkins, save the seeds, toast and eat them. This will also enhance your sperms if you are ‘lacking’ not that I believe any man is lacking as you are making fresh sperms every day as God has given you that ability. You stop producing due to external drug dealing intervention.

Lycopene: this is found in tomatoes to prevent BHP progression.

Zinc: such an important mineral that plays an important role in prostrate function and not getting enough will lead to BHP. Make sure to take copper with zinc which will mean red meat and/or oysters are your best option.

Flaxseed: great to improve sperms, plus it can erase lower urinary tract infections as well as improve quality of life in men with BHP after 4 months.

Omega 3: lows levels are linked to BHP so eat those fishes with high levels of oils such as salmon, sardines, mackerel, kipper.

Beta sitosterol: similar to composition of cholesterol, it is found in almost all plants and improves symptoms of BHP.

Foods you eat will affect your prostrate. Do eat onions and garlic as men who eat most reduce their risk. Do eat plenty of vegetables especially yellows such as pumpkins, golden beats, squash, capsicum, etc. But please eat vegetables away from meat for absorption of iron. Do eat foods rich in lignans such as sesame seeds, kale, broccoli, apricots etc.

Do not feast on bread and cereals as they carry a higher risk pf BHP, do not eat too much meat but in moderation, and do not drink too much coffee as over time it can have a detrimental effect on your prostrate. By like the British and Indians by sticking to tea!

Last but not least, stay physically active but do not over do it.

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