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The ready made popular probiotics, fermented foods, kefir, naturopathic probiotics, etc everyone chooses to purchase that has been created by big pharma is packed with sugars and other poisons. It is damaging the gut. I always advise my patients to make their own or use the TICM probiotic herbs.


Those who are into research, more and more research has found that celebrated TICM herbs very much benefit intestinal bacteria in addition to their myriads of benefits. Because our immunity is dependent on our gut health, this is more important than ever. The sales of probiotics have also reached an all-time high because most people are struggling to maintain a healthy gut ecosystem due to antibiotics, poor diet, stress, emotional trauma, and vitamin deficiencies. 

Astragalus (Huang Qi): Fibre rich and full of polysaccharides that ferment and ultimately convert into short-chain fatty acids which plays a vital role in the health of faecal microbiota. Dietary polysaccharides directly shape the microbiota because of a gap in human digestive physiology, which is equipped to assimilate only proteins, lipids, simple sugars, and starch, leaving non-starch polysaccharides as major nutrients reaching the microbiota. (1 & 4).

Goji berry (Gou Qi Zi): a study done that had participants consume this berry for 14 days showcased that it improves neurological and psychological performance, and gastrointestinal functions. Goji berry also increases actinobacteria phylum (among many other beneficial bacteria’s), resulting in a bloom of Bifidobacterium in gut microbiota. Goji berry helps treat many Stomach conditions, including colitis. (2 & 5).

Schisandra (Wu Wei Zi): this adaptogen is impactful on all the organ systems. This berry increases intestinal transit rate which prevents food waste accumulation and alleviates gastrointestinal motility dysfunctions. It is helpful to take after a particularly heavy meal as it releases gastric acid and digestive enzymes to break down foods to increase nutrient assimilation. (3).

Rhodiola root: increased the abundance of Acetobacter, while subsequently decreasing the abundance of Lactobacillus’s. Additionally, supplementation of the extract decreased the total culturable bacterial load of the fly gut, while increasing the overall quantifiable bacterial load. (6).


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