Prevent Lungs from getting sick

Strengthen the Lungs using the exercise below, prevent sickness and lesson symptoms by tapping on the Lung meridian and REN channel (REN22). REN22 is called Heavenly Prominence in English. You can use a bamboo stick like me or you can use the palm of your hands or make your hands into a fist. I use bamboo as I like the feel on nature on me.

The Lung meridian is located down the middle (medial) of the arm and ends at the lateral (side of) tip of the thumb nail. With a fist and good pressure, tap down the meridian all the way to the thumb. Repeat on both sides for 3-5 minutes, 2-3 times per day.

Tapping along the Lung meridian opens the Lungs and chest to invigorate vital energy circulation, improve the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, relax muscles and tension, soothe the Heart and prevent the accumulation of pathological fluids that lead to coughs. Through this tapping you can gain energy, alertness and peacefulness.

Ren Channel (REN22) is a magnificent point both for physical and emotional health and tends to all disorders of the throat. It is located in the indentation of the collarbone in the centre of the throat.

REN22 promotes energy circulation, reduces reversed energy and resolves phlegm. It is great to press this point if you are suffering from an asthma attack, sore throat, problems with your voice, or trouble swallowing. On an emotional level, this point is where the throat chakra is and helps self expression and articulation.

For REN22, press and let go 10-30 times.

Then enjoy a cup of ginger powder tea.

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