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Prenatal tests

Prenatal tests are not mandatory

Ultrasounds, glucose tests, cervical tests, Amniocentesis test, stress test as your are past your so called biological age as rockerfeller told you….none of these tests are mandatory. BUT due to fear implemented, they know the mother to be will bend over thinking they are doing these things for the benefit of their unborn child. BUT, they are only benefitting the pockets of the sick care professionals. During your prenatal care, there are tests and procedures that you will be told you have to have XYZ. No you don’t. You don’t HAVE to do anything. You get to decide what feels right for you, whether that’s doing everything suggested, doing some of it, doing none of it, or doing some alternatives. The same tests that are suggested to you, will be suggested to every karen if they are pregnant. This care is not individualised, it’s standardised, and for the sick care provider’s benefit and pocket. It is easier to just have everyone under the same blanket than to think about what works for that particular person based on their health, risks, desires, etc. That takes more time, that takes more research, that takes more empathy. You want skip all ultrasounds, anatomy scan, glucola test, cervical checks, vaginal checks, etc, then just say NO. Are you in charge of your body and baby, or is the already sick in the head sick care physician in charge?

I personally did not allow any intervention whilst I was pregnant and if I were to become pregnant now, I would not allow any dirty mind and hand to come near me. Even to this day, no one touches my children when it comes to their health and I indoctrinate them with what they need to know.

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