Pregnant ladies

Pregnancy is such an amazing time but a lot of women are so worried about the new change in their body that this effects the development of the baby. Worry effects the Spleen, sadness effects Lung, anger and stress effects Liver, fear effects Kidney, and over joy effects Heart. In the "Yellow Emperor, Simple Question" say fear separates energy (Qi) and Blood, yin and yang, damages Kidney. Kidney controls the whole body's essence for mother and baby, it effects the baby's brain development, such as delayed speech, delayed eye contact, autism, ADHD....

The secret of baby home care from Ming dynasty, which indicated that during pregnancy, woman should walk and sit properly, with mild temper, stay calm, listen to pleasant music, read pleasant books and read poetry, maintain a happy, calm worry free, stress free in order to have a healthy baby.

Emotion plays a very important role during pregnancy healthy baby. Another important factor is strengthen each organ, which will give you and the baby healthy organs.

Black rice and lotus seed congee, simple, mild, well balance, it can strengthen all organs, especially Kidney, Spleen, and Heart. It is calming, helps smooth flow of energy in meridian, it benefits essence and brain, helps insomnia, protect Stomach and Intestines.

Cooking instructions:

Soak 1/4 cup of dry lotus seed, 1/2 cup of black rice for 3-4 hours.

Discard the soaking water add 3-4 cup of water, bring to boil, then simmer until consistency of pudding or more watery, depends on how you like it. Add cinnamon powder or honey to taste.

Eat this in between meals, or eat as breakfast.

Lotus seeds are available at Chinese/Asian grocery stores.

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