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Post natal tips

Right after birth is the most important time for a new mom and baby. Traditionally in China and many countries throughout the world we participate in "Sitting the month" which is a month of complete rest for the mother and baby immediately after child birth.

The reason TICM wants the mother to rest is because giving birth is the most taxing naturally occurring event where a large amount of energy (vital life force) and Blood are lost. This needs to be correctly replenished in order for a healthy life for both mother and baby.

If replenished correctly, childbirth can actually benefit a woman's health and her vitality. The first organs to be aware of are the Spleen and Stomach. They need to be warm to keep the entire body in motion, giving enough strength for all the organs to do their job.

TICM tips for postpartum for the Stomach and Spleen:

Rest as much as possible at home.

Don't do any housework or strenuous chores.

Drink Ginger Power tea and put Ginger Power in soups.

Eat warm, cooked foods, especially soups and bone broths

Hydrate with warm water, do not drink anything cold or iced or eat raw foods.

Keep your body warm at all times, wear socks, cover the Stomach and Kidneys at all times.

Eat warming spices like ginger, cloves, nutmeg, cardamom, orange peel, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Focus on positivity and happiness, don't engage in gossip, negative emotions or people during this time.

Eat organic fish, eggs, bone broths, organ meats, collagen, dark leafy greens, beets to replenish energy and Blood.

Vegans should take Chinese herbal medicine to replenish their Blood, which can be prescribed by your TICM doctor.

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