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Post birth

It's undoubtedly normal to experience aches and pains after giving birth. Usually, these pains go away naturally over time, but there are women who continue to experience severe pain and aches months after delivery. 

In TICM culture, we feel that it is imperative for a new mother to nourish herself with warm foods, plenty of rest, warmth, and support from her loved ones after giving birth. This allows her energy and Blood to restore so that she can feel healthy and strong. The emphasis is put on the mother to heal.

Aches and pains can be caused by Spleen energy and Blood deficiency. The mother will find herself to be energy and Blood deficient post-partum because during childbirth she was drained of Blood and energy. She is also continuing to give energy and Blood caring for her newborn, not getting enough sleep, breastfeeding and possibly not receiving adequate nutrition. In TICM, breastmilk is made from Blood which is causing the mother to be even more deficient.

Muscle and joint pain can stem from Spleen energy and Blood deficiency as there is not enough circulation of energy spreading around. The muscles are governed by the health of the Stomach and Spleen, so if they aren't being nourished, aches, pains and muscle soreness or spasms can occur. No matter the temperature outside, it is important to keep the body warm, especially the Stomach, feet, and legs.

In TICM and many Asian cultures, new mothers consume ginger every day as it is the most energy as it is the warmest food available. Warm ginger power tea daily or sprinkling ginger powder in your food will bring much harmony to your Stomach and Spleen and all your organs after childbirth. It will allow better circulation to prevent aches and pains. 

I highly recommend that the new mother sees her TICM doctor for post-natal Blood and energy treatment in order to build the Blood and energy that was lost through childbirth. From my perspective, post-natal depression only occurs when there is a loss of blood and the body is unable to replenish it quick enough. Therefore, there is not enough Blood nourishing the Heart and brain leading to post-natal depression. The visit to the doctor will also assist with any breastfeeding issues or lack of milk supply in the breasts.

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