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Pineal gland

Heavy metal removal from body to de-calcify the pineal gland

In TICM, we believe in bringing the organs to their most balanced state to be able to ward off any toxic invaders. Heavy metals are one of those invaders. They are linked to imbalances like fatigue, mood imbalance, digestive issues, dementia, chronic inflammation, acid reflux, and anaemia to name a few. Heavy metal exposure can happen from our atmosphere and environment, eating fish high in mercury, farm raised fish, processed foods, unfiltered water, using products that contain aluminum, metal fillings, vaccines, etc.

By supporting your body's natural ability to detox by strengthening the liver and not continuing to ingest heavy metals. Research the products you bring into your home and what goes onto your plate.

Consume: cilantro, garlic, wild blueberries, warm lemon water, ginger powder tea, spirulina, chlorella, dulse, onions, spinach and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, cabbage.

Liver herbal formula's strengthens your liver to promote the healthy flow of Qi in order to filter out toxins effectively. It also helps a free flowing of emotions and stress that often weaken the Liver.

Focus on strengthening your gut: take a good quality probiotic, eat fermented foods like sauerkraut, pickled daikon and kimchi. Ditch sugar as that only creates a breeding ground for parasites and bacteria, making it hard for the body to detox effectively.

Don't eat heavy food at night: this is when your body, more specifically, your liver, is energised by Qi and is naturally detoxing your body, including filtering any heavy metals. When you eat, the Qi moves to the stomach to help digestion, instead of working with the Liver.

Drain lymph nodes: use dry brushing, lymphatic massage and acupuncture to drain stagnated waste that is stored in the lymphatic system.

Sweat: use moderate exercise, infrared saunas to detox. Make sure you wipe off your sweat to allow your pores to continue to release and detox.

Eat herbs and spices: consume herbs and spices, especially cilantro and ginger powder. Ginger powder has the ability to naturally support and promote the body's natural ability to detox effectively. Other herbs and spices like star anise, turmeric, cloves, dandelion, and milk thistle promote natural and healthy detoxification.

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