Get rid of phlegm

Steam: inhale steam in a simple and easy way to get rid of phlegm. Find healing through your nasal passages your phlegm will stay in liquid form so it is easier to eliminate through the body.

Salt water: gargle salt water. The salt eliminates bacteria that causes infection, which means production of phlegm, essentially will be reduced.

Ginger powder tea: ginger is a natural decongestant known for its ability to eliminate throat and respiratory infections.

Turmeric: containing natural antiseptic properties that reduce the production of phlegm, turmeric destroys bacteria that causes it, whilst simultaneously strengthening the immune system.

Honey: being anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, honey is a great home remedy for phlegm. You do not need a lot, you can simply add some lemons. Make sure your honey is organic and unprocessed.

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