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Period: my favourite time of month

Many ask how I can claim that periods are supposed to be a girl’s best friend and favourite time of month. Very easily I make this claim as our periods are heaven sent. In Chinese, we call it Heavenly Gui. My colleagues will agree with me. Having painful periods, heavy periods, PMS and all the other things I hear from women are not normal, they are not part of the heavenly deal.

Here are the most influential TICM tips for a pain free period. Do: relax, rest, get good quality good sleep (go to bed before 11pm). Don't: overexert yourself in any life area. Rest and relaxation is crucial in TICM and underrated in our modern lives. Do: hydrate with warm water, bone broth and ginger powder tea to promote circulation and proper dispelling of Blood. Don't: drink ice water, iced drinks, especially nearing the time of your menstrual cycle. Do: engage in moderate exercise like Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, stretching, pilates. Don't: over exert your body, especially days before your period doing strenuous and vigorous exercise. Strenuous exercise is stressful to the body; the body does not distinguish between types of stress, stress = stress. Do: eat a variety of cooked vegetables, protein, sweet potatoes, rice. Don't: eat cold foods and raw vegetables that are difficult to digest Tip: raw vegetables and cold foods obstruct the flow of Qi (energy), our vital life force during digestion. The Spleen is responsible for transforming nutrients into Qi, then the Liver makes sure that flow of Qi is smooth for efficient transport. Qi moves Blood. Do: keep extremities warm, use hot water packs on your Stomach and refrain from exposing the midriff.

Do: use herbals to help promote the natural healing ability in your body. Talk to your TICM physician about what herbs and treatments they recommend. Ginger powder: drink this daily to warm the body, ease cramps and PMS and promote healthy circulation.

Blood builder herbals: especially if you are vegan or vegetarian to replenish and promote healthy blood and blood flow.

Liver herbals: to help excess stress, anger and irritability and promote detoxing and healthy blood and Qi flow.

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