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In TICM, we have 5 seasons: Spring, Summer, Late Summer, Autumn, Winter. Late summer and Autumn bring pears into season and currently it is Late Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Pears are one of the most important foods I incorporate during this time of year as they greatly influence this transitional period for your body. People usually get sick during the changeover of seasons. In TICM, pears are known to regenerate bodily fluids, quench thirst, calm the Heart, lubricate the Lungs, relieve restlessness, promote urination, clear heat, promote detoxification, lubricate the throat, dissolve mucous and relieve cough. Pears are sweet and sour in flavour and travel to the Lung, Stomach and Spleen channels. This is what helps the transition into the cooler weather. According to TICM, the Spleen is the mother organ to the Lung. That is why weak Lungs, and the respiratory system is usually the culprit of a weak digestive system and how we treat it in TICM. Nature is always providing us the right foods to eat at the right time. For more support, speak to your healer about formula’s, which supports both the Lungs and Stomach according to your constitution and body requirements. Pears are especially good to eat if you have the following symptoms: cough, excess mucous, irritability, thirst, dry throat, hoarse throat, eye pain, constipation, difficult urination, and skin lesions. All pears contain these amazing benefits. Try the Asian pears as they are delicious and crispy and rich in fibre, vitamin C, copper, potassium, and manganese. Steam pears are delicious sprinkled with cinnamon (and ginger for me). As usual we loved our food cooked in TICM. We usually steam them with apricot seeds.

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