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PCOS treatment

PCOS treatment

TICM offers great support to those suffering from PCOS due to its multi faceted approach for resolving the several disharmony's that lead to the condition. It would be common for a TICM doctor to use a combination of acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, moxibustion, and herbal therapy in order to heal their patient. I personally use wet cupping too to pull our actual cysts or break up cysts on fertility points and the patient may feel excruciating pain childbirth like but not always.

In addition to therapies, the following is what TICM doctors like me would do:

Each person is treated as an individual for a condition such as PCOS. The below are generalised for the condition overall, each person will experience different levels of the below issues. ️Kidney houses the reproductive systems and genetics. Irregular or absent menstrual periods, absence of ovulation symptoms stem from Kidney deficiency. To treat this deficiency, use Kidney herbal medicine, get proper sleep and nutrients, don't overwork or overexert yourself, keep the Kidney area warm all year meaning lower back and lower abdomen, keep feet warm as warm feet means happy Uterus and avoid excessive sexual intercourse.

Spleen processes our food into nutrients, controlling our weight. Those with insulin resistance have Spleen deficiency because the organ system is unable to metabolise the vitamins and minerals from foods, as well as changing and carrying body fluids. There most likely is an accumulation of dampness here leading to excess weight. To treat this deficiency, use vitality herbal medicine to remove phlegm, dampness and extra weight make red bean soup, eat a warming breakfast, eat light at night, consume ginger tea daily, avoid milk and dairy products which tend to exacerbate the condition of internal dampness, avoid processed foods like chips, crackers, cereals, bars etc, eat whole grains and plenty of vegetables and protein, don't eat protein treated with hormones, don't over worry, don't overthink find ways to naturally relax.

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