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Past and future

Our thoughts create our reality. Everything we think, say and do offers a vibrational match in our life experience.

TICM philosophy is naturally Spiritual, as we believe that our thoughts, emotions and feelings are what plays a starring role in our health. 99.9% of the patients I see, no one has a medical condition. There condition stems from emotions which is why medication does not work.

What we give our attention to is what consumes us. If we over worry, we will have Spleen and digestive imbalances as a result.If we are stressed or easily angered, the Liver will be imbalanced. Liver is an essential organ.

Our thoughts and health are a cycle. The weaker the particular organ system is, the more susceptible you are to experiencing associated emotions, and the more you experience excess of certain emotions, the weaker that system becomes. This can be repaired. Not only through healthy actions, but our thoughts must match that as well.

Only we can control our thoughts. It takes practice but it is true. In reframing what we think and pivoting it in a more positive way, we can gradually improve our thought streams.

For example, if you keep thinking about past circumstances and you get upset or frustrated, write down what you learned in that time and apply it to your life. Write down what you want to feel and be. Connect to feeling that right this moment. Feel good, think good thoughts. Focus on feeling good in the moment, begin with baby steps, and watch your ability to do that grow. Take full control of yourself.

The power is within you.

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