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How can we support our Pancreas?

We know that a TICM approach can help digestive disorders. Studies have been done in regards to acute pancreatitis (AP) deeming that TCM exhibits good curative effects in AP treatment.

Moderate diet: cooked vegetables, whole grains, foods that are easily digestible. Those are the foods that nourish and heal the Pancreas and entire digestive system. If trying to heal, emphasise a mild flavour style avoiding sauces, lots of oils and seasonings. Ginger tea, root vegetables, sweet potatoes, bone broths, wood ear mushrooms, scallions, liquorice root, dark leafy greens are all very healing.

Regular meals: the digestive system likes consistency. It wants a warming and nutritious breakfast and lunch and lighter dinner. Do not skip meals and start your day with ginger powder tea or warm lemon water.

Minerals: make sure to get enough zinc, magnesium and trace minerals. You can use supplements or add trace mineral drops to your room temperature water.

Lifestyle: a need for more relaxing and less stress has been established by your body. It is important to now listen to that request. Natural stress relieving activities like meditation, exercise, journaling, deep breathing, unplugging from electronics and engaging in creative activities can prove very beneficial for your digestive system. Connecting to nature is also healing for the body and a quick stress reliever.

Perspective: often when we do not feel good we relish in negative thoughts, because it is harder to see the light. Changing your perspective and aligning with why your body is seeking change, that it ultimately is happening for your healing and greater good can lead to your recovery. Our Stomachs digest our thoughts as well as our food, so make sure to put some good thoughts in there!

Herbs: using herbs to support and heal has been done for thousands of years in TICM. Below are the best formulas for helping repair your digestion and bring the Spleen, Stomach and Pancreas back into balance.

Spleen rescue herbs: helps Blood stagnation and Spleen Qi (energy) deficiency through nourishing Blood, Spleen and Heart. Helps disorders like anxiety, abdominal distention after eating, dry skin and dry hair.

Liver recharge herbs: helps Blood stagnation, Liver Qi stagnation, Liver and Gallbladder damp heat, Liver Yin deficiency. Smooths the flow of emotions, Blood and Qi our vital energy. Good for those who are very stressed and emotionally taxed.

Vitality herbs: helps Spleen and Stomach damp heat by removing dampness helping symptoms like indigestion, fatigue, phlegm, heaviness and oedema.

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