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Pamper Liver

There is never a good time to pamper and calm your Liver to prevent you from getting sick. Below are some exercises you can do:

1: Body - lay on your back, with your feet shoulder width apart and relax, put a pillow under your left elbow, rest the left elbow on top, put the left hand on top of the right hand and rest on the top of the Liver area (right side rib) with the palm side down.

2: Mind - with your eyes looking up as far as you can, bring eyesight to the middle of the eye brow, then the tip of the nose, then below the hand (Liver and Gallbladder area) picturing the healthy shape of the liver and gall bladder. With eyes closed, touch your tongue to the upper part of your mouth.

3: Breathing 24 times - when breathing in, thinking of all healthy clean life force entering the Liver and Gallbladder, with the tongue still touching the upper part of the mouth. When breathing out, think of all the toxins leaving both organs, with tongue touching bottom of inner mouth. Repeat 24 times, breathing in and out, then resume regular breathing until you fall asleep.

Benefits to the above are:

This will help strengthen the Liver and Gallbladder and heal any chronic diseases related to both organs, help to detox your system, reduce Liver Fire and Gallbladder pain or discomfort and enjoy better sleep.

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