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Please do not get overwhelmed

There is a definite rise in the amount of health information put out in the world during this time. Our immunity is in the spotlight. It's natural to feel overwhelmed with all the information out there on how best to take care of yourself. Though it is imperative to use this time to harness your health and your overall well-being, don't spend your vital energy on fear based thinking.

A basis for vitamin consumption looks like magnesium, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D3, and vitamin D. Though supplements aren't classically used in TICM as a standard diet is traditionally used in Chinese and Islamic way of life, but environment has left us void of some of the essentials. I shall try and make a list of foods at some point for the above vitamins.

Beyond that, listen to your inner guidance. Know the areas that you need to improve and take measures there. Your body knows what to do, so listen. Do you always get allergies in the springtime? That is your Liver signalling that it needs some attention. Are you constantly running to the bathroom right now? The emotion of worry that is correlated to Stomach function can be giving you an upset tummy. Use these clues.

I will continue to make post things to help as many people as I can. This is my daily life that I love sharing with my patients and worldwide community.

Remember that health is a mindset. Positive thinking and nourishing food is the best way to see results of both mental and physical well being. Eat well, don't skip breakfast, and enjoy your food.

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