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According to TICM, the pad of the thumb is the reflection zone on mental, power and nerve function associated with the kidneys in Chinese Medicine. ⁠

Many worry and anxiety issues are due to heart-kidney imbalance. Heart is Fire, Kidney is Water. When the Heart and Kidney are not balanced, the yang energy from the Heart can’t go down to warm the Kidney, which can lead to low and depressed feelings; the yin energy from the Kidney can’t go up either, so the Heart-fire is over hyperactive, which can lead to anxiety and unsettle feeling.⁠

This method helps stimulate this reflection zone and balance the yin (cool) and yang (warm) energy to go in the right direction.⁠

So if you cannot stop worrying, why not try this? Hold your thumb while you take a few deep breaths as the pad of the thumb is the reflection zone on mental, power and nerve function. Holding it like this will help ease worry and anxiety.

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