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Optimal vaginal health

Wear cotton undies instead of synthetic fabrics

Avoid cold drinks and excessive raw foods during the period.

Don't have sex during your periods as this create stagnation in the Uterus.

Build your Blood. Eat foods like wood ear mushroom, seaweed, bone broth.

Refrain from using perfumed bath products, powders, soaps and vaginal deodorants.

Take probiotics and eat fermented foods especially if you have a history of using antibiotics.

Don't exercise, consume excessive alcohol, overwork and overexert yourself during your period.

Ways that vaginal health is compromised: Weakened immune system due to illness or things like chemotherapy, excessive medication.

High in processed foods and void in whole foods. medications, especially antibiotics kill good bacteria in your gut and in your vagina.

Diabetes patients see an increase in yeast infections because of the irregular Blood sugar.

Excessive emotions especially anger during menstruation left unresolved.

For further help, you can use the below herbal medicines depending on your symptoms such as:

pH Rescue formula 1: excessive, thin and clear vaginal discharge without odour. A weakened Spleen creates dampness and has cold symptoms: weak Spleen; excessive worry, stress, pale face, soft stool, low energy.

pH Rescue formula 2: excessive thick, yellow, smelly vaginal discharge. The Spleen creates dampness and the Liver creates heat. Symptoms: weak Spleen, tends to over worry and easily agitated, red face, constipation.

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