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One day at a time

One day at a time

Life’s everyday stressors can send you into a tailspin of anxiety, doubt and even fear. When you look at the big picture of life and all that you want to accomplish, you may wonder how on earth you will get it done. From that thought, the mind can do a good job of giving you reasons and excuses why it will be tough. But if you always let your emotions rule, your body will not remember to calm down.


 The first step in releasing fear and anxiety is to relax and just breathe. Though it may sound counterintuitive, taking a few minutes to pause is full of benefits. Take some time to meditate, practice some yoga or pilates movements to get your Blood flowing, write in your journal, or go sit outside in the grass. The connection of your breath, body and mind, allows Qi (our energy) and Blood to clear the mind of fear.


 View your tasks the same as crossing a stream. When you are crossing a stream you are focusing on the next step. You know that little by little, with each step, you will take the necessary steps, one by one, to cross successfully. The same is true about life. Focus on all that you can accomplish in a day, make a list and stick to it. Before you know it, you are on your way. If you have a day that's less productive than you would like, don't quit, just start where you left off. Life is all about ebbs and flows, don't get sucked in, just stay neutral and know you are in control of you and your actions.


 Oftentimes the morning is our most productive time of day. Break your day up according to which tasks suit you for each time of day. Morning can be administrative, evening can be creative or even break it up by days.

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