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Nurture immunity

Whilst the medical doctors give patients the all clear on their blood test results including Kidney and Liver function, patients then bring me those results and I find endless health issues especially with immunity, Kidneys and Liver.

Worry and overthinking affects the Spleen which is also your digestive and immunity organ, fear affects Kidneys which are the foundation of our body and responsible for our DNA and anxiety, depression, anger, frustration, irritability, other mental heath disorders all affect the Liver. From TICM viewpoint, with all the fear mongering and stress we are all currently facing around the world, I am not surprised to find these organs weakening which will all impact our Heart health. Heart is the King of our body and responsible for joy and happiness and I am not meeting anyone who is happy anymore. So please, it is time to unplug and nurture our bodies right now.

Though it is important to be an informed sovereign of the land we live in, constantly watching the news and people's status updates about the current situation will breed fear and anxiety. Fear and anxiety are normal to an extent, but after a certain threshold, they weaken our immune system. Please note that everyone’s threshold is a bit different. Listen to yourself and your own triggers. Now is the time to be taking care of yourself in every way possible. Limit your exposure to screens.

Rest is one of the 3 main pillars of health. When I talk about rest, that includes resting your mind, body and soul. You can help by playing soothing, soft music, closing your eyes, meditating, performing salaah, listening to the birds chirping or whatever you find therapeutic. My therapy and stress relief is a bit of rough and tumble playing rugby but no one wants to be touched anymore in case they get something that does not exist in my world, each to their own.

If you are suffering from anxiety, make sure to eat easily digestible foods right now, as your Stomach and Spleen will be in overdrive. Overthinking or worrying is like digesting the same thought over and over again. Yes, your digestion not only breaks down food, but thoughts and everything you ingest mentally. Steamed vegetables with some olive oil on top and a cup of congee or baked protein with some sauteed leafy greens in garlic and ginger are meals that can be easily broken down as well as nutritious. Mindfully cooking can also help to calm the mind, that calmness goes into the food and will actually also impact those who will eat your cooking. Make sure to eat breakfast.

News, emails, social media and so on, is a fearful place. I have come out of so many groups for my own sanity and the sake of my children as it was having an impact on them. But they know, when it comes down to health, I will always remain in overdrive. Instead of focusing on fear, focus on gratitude. As you read this, there are thousands of people who sacrifice their own health and safety to protect ours. This sacrifice is a beautiful gift of faith and the absolute beauty of the human spirit. Take a really long moment to really feel, I mean really feel, the gratitude and compassion for these people all around the world. I wouldn't be surprised if a wonderful feeling echoed throughout your entire body while feeling this. Give them thanks. Let that feeling permeate outward to the entire world, smile, feel love for every single human out there. It’s been said that when we begin to heal the suffering within ourselves, we can help heal the suffering of the world. Every morning without fail, I will sit down and pray. After prayer, I have got into the habit of meditating for world peace and healing for everyone, which sets out my tone for the day. I then become unstoppable and no one can then come between my inner peace including scumbags.

I find meditating and planning for my day ahead before the world wakes up is the most peaceful time of day. Tranquility.

Stay peaceful, stay healthy.

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