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No appetite

If you suffer from loss of appetite or have you experienced sudden weight loss and do not know why, below could be the reasons that sound familiar to you. In understanding the cause, it is easier to help the condition by addressing the root cause. According to TICM, loss of appetite or sudden weight loss could be caused by several factors which lead to Spleen deficiency. This does not necessarily mean there is something wrong with the organ we know as the Spleen. In YICM, the Spleen also encompasses the intelligent part of the digestive system where decisions are made about which enzymes, acids, and digestive fluids are made, and in what quantity. So, Spleen deficiency = poor digestion. This happens most commonly with irregular or unbalanced eating habits, drug ingestion whether prescribed or other, and/or emotional distress. Irregular eating times burden the digestive system. The body is on a clock and creates chemicals needed for digestion and absorption. When the meal is skipped, the energy is wasted. The process begins again when food enters the body. This uses more Spleen energy than necessary. When emotional distress or trauma occurs, the Liver is affected. Because of its partnership with the Spleen system, it attacks it, curbing or removing one's appetite. Emotions like over worry, overthinking can affect the Spleen directly and cause loss of appetite. Emotions like anger, stress and frustration directly impact and hurt the Liver, and once again can result in loss of appetite.

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