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Night work

Are you a night worker

The modern world has left an increased demand for 24/7 accessibility of a variety of operations all around the world. This has resulted in night shift work increasing. Our body's natural circadian rhythm is tuned to being awake during the day and sleeping at night. Because of our natural rhythms, many people find that a night work schedule negatively affects their health. If you work the night shift, you will have to make extra efforts to stay healthy and nurture your body. I prefer my patients do not work night shifts but for those who work in the medical industry, it is a tall order. Our body makes melanin between the hours of 11pm and 4am, and our Liver detoxes between 1-3am. Those who do work nights, will suffer from Liver issues too putting the body under immense stress. Stress is something Liver does not like.

Gut health: night shift workers usually report upset stomachs, acid reflux, IBS, gas, bloating etc due to their irregular meal times. It is vital to manage Spleen and Stomach health for overall immunity. Fuel the body with warming and easily digestible foods, consume ginger powder tea daily, and hydrate with warm water.

Reduce stimulants: limit caffeine, nicotine and alcohol so your body can fall into a natural rhythm. Use vitamin C, D and minerals like magnesium and zinc to support.

Do not settle when it comes to sleep: because daytime sleep may be less deep than night sleep, it is important to do all in your power to get meaningful rest. Create the most comfortable sleeping environment which is super dark, cool temperature, relaxing aromatherapy, sleeping mask, comfortable pyjamas. Take 20-30 minute naps when possible to improve mood, alertness and energy.

Manage stress: those working the night shift report their jobs as high stress and emotionally exhausting. Stress needs to be managed because it greatly impacts the Liver, and the Liver is the commander of all our organs. Regular meditation, deep breathing, and journaling is impactful. Use methods like acupuncture, Salaah and Qigong to promote circulation, energy and restful sleep and reduce stress.

What herbal formulas can support the body during this time?

Wu Wei Zi (Schisandra): an adaptogen that helps all organs.

Liver formulas: helps manage stress and emotions.

Kidney formulas: energises the Kidneys which leads to more natural energy.

Energy formulas: strengthens the entire immune system. Take immediately at the first sign of imbalance or ill feeling.

Digestive formulas: strengthens Spleen and Stomach function.

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