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Negative talk

Negative talk to yourself does affect you

We have learned about the powerful effect that positive affirmations can have on our system. Speaking positive affirmations frequently, can help us heal not only mentally but physically as its all connected.

The converse is true too. Getting stuck in a pattern of negative self talk can be just as harmful as positive affirmations are helpful. Not only can negative self talk be incredibly harmful to mental health as well as self-esteem, prolonged patterns of negative self talk actually can start to take a toll on your physical health as well. Here are some ways you may start to see negative talk start to manifest itself in your body as well as your brain.

Gut instinct is a sign negative self talk is affecting you if your diet has stayed the same, your lifestyle hasn’t changed, but your Stomach is in knots and pains, churning, being noisy, and basically making your days a small scale nightmare. Heartburn, bathroom issues, and more are all problem which may be traced back to negative self-talk.

Loss of mojo when being this hard on yourself can, physically, make you weaker. With too much negative self-talk you feel fatigued and slow even though you are not ill. Your negative self-talk can slow your metabolism, making you feel tired and slow. So if regular activities, at home or at work, are making you surprisingly tired, it might be from all those times you told yourself you weren't good enough. Plus, the thoughts themselves can be tiring. Self-talk of the negative kind may affect your mood and motivation, and these cause you to lose your drive.

Lack of sleep, either you have insomnia, or you can't get out of bed. Your mood and physical health are closely related, and changes in your regular sleep pattern are often the first, most noticeable sign that there is something going on. Needing way more sleep, or starting to get less sleep, can be physically harmful.

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