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Need a pick me up?

Many people opt for Red Bull, V Monster, coffee and so many other caffeinated drinks when they need a boost or pick me up when the need an energy lift. What they do not realise is that these drinks dehydrating de-caffenated drinks are not completely caffeine free and also de-hydrating.

What you really need especially at a time of this pandemic is a real boost which will give you an immune boost shot at the same time. The products are available at the Asian grocery stores and even some health food stores.

1 strip of dry astragalus (Huang Qi)

1 tsp goji berry

1 tsp chrysanthemum (Ju Hua)

1 cup of hot water and cover for 8 minutes then enjoy.

Add pure honey to sweeten if required as goji berry is sweet itself.

This will also strengthen your strained eyes from mobile phones, computer use, etc, increase energy and brain function. Why not eat goji berries as they are great for nourishing the Liver Blood.

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