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Natural illness


People view natural illnesses/diseases as a bad thing which is in fact the reason why we have so many illnesses. What we are doing is creating a sterility environment with the view that we can in fact combat nature. That we can control it resulting in creating so many more problems for ourselves and our society. Children are not given enough exposure to building immunity except we are suppressing them with drugs. Being too clean also gives rise to illnesses and allergies.

Fear of illnesses is dangerous. For example, fevers are a way of the body eliminating toxins but we are afraid of it. Illnesses are gateways to many things. It’s an opportunity for health to get better but we make things worse by suppressing. Diseases are a transition, a way for us to grow. According to TICM, we are born with natural toxins that we need to express through natural things such as measles, chicken pox, whooping cough etc. We must allow our body to expose and release naturally. We should not be suppressing it.

If we are under or over nourished, we become prone to sickness. Meningitis is actually caused by the measles vax. What we hear about diseases and it’s actual reality are very different. Illnesses are very helpful and natural part of humans. Our children and we already have toxic overload from the poisons such as glyphosate in our foods and then on top of that we are overloading them more with vile poisons.

This is my view of the world which I take from the way of our ancestors. Our ancestors did not like in the comforts we now live. Now you can see why I’m not afraid of any disease. Nothing is contagious enough for me as I do my best to understand the real science behind everything and get to know the human body at it’s deepest level.

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