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When patients are on the bed, most have noticed that I have a habit of smelling their hands and feet. However, I take a detailed look at nails as it will tell me about any issues with the Heart and Liver. It also allows me to assess a patient's general health. 

Nails show me how persons Blood and energy are circulating around the body. From early Chinese medicine texts, it was stated that the Liver controls the sinews along with tendons or ligaments and its condition manifests on the nails.

If Liver Blood is abundant, the nails will be moist and healthy, if there is Blood deficiency, the nails will lack nourishment and become rigid, dry, brittle and cracked. If there is Liver Blood stagnation, the nails will be dark or purple. When Liver Blood is abundant, nails will appear red, lustrous, and healthy. When liver blood is insufficient, the nails are pale and brittle.

Dark purple nails in conjunction with purple lips and purple tongue body will indicate the person has Heart issues.

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