Nail biting

Nail biting is a very common whether it is hands or feet, seemingly benign habit. I am seeing more and more children from as young as babies biting nail instead of sucking on thumb although I discourage thumb sucking too. If we look at a habit through the lens of TICM, we know that everything is related and should be considered a window into the complexities of our pathophysiology.

In TICM, we understand all situations and symptoms in terms of body mind energetics. We are a whole, nothing we do is by accident. Nail biting can be a manifestation of mental stress, nervousness, anxiety, disappointment, boredom, hunger, or feeling insecure and this is happening in our children. I see too many young children even babies who are under stress which means their mental health, Liver and Soul are already under attack. All these feelings can be results of physical imbalances within the body. Nail biting can be viewed as an obsessive-compulsive habit which often stems from anxiety and worry. Anxiety and worry are emotions associated with the Spleen organ system which is paired with the Stomach. If those emotions resonate with you, investigate herbal formula’s which treats anxiety and weak digestion.

Nails in general have to do with the Liver system. A deficiency or imbalance in the Liver system can draw attention to the nail, along with the feelings of stress, anger, frustration, and irritability which funny enough are reasons why people bite their nails. Those are all emotions which correlate to the Liver and Gallbladder systems. Everything is connected. If those emotions resonate with you, investigate my Liver formulas with your doctor which helps to balance this system.Several acupuncture points in the ears have success in treating nail biting. Ear points are great for even addictions such as drugs, alcohol, OCD, etc.

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