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Multiple sclerosis (MS)

From a western science and conventional medicine point of view, MS is a common degenerative disease of unknown causes that affects the nerve cells of the brain and spinal cord but not peripheral nerves. 

Like with so many other conditions, MS is also known as idiopathic, which means they do not understand the disease themselves, they have given it a name, prescribing drugs for something they do not understand and hope for the best. They also do not expect a patient to recover from this condition. To me personally, I ask where the logic in prescribing drugs to a patient for something is that is not understood. and I as a patient would not put my trust in the medical system for something, they know nothing about. This is whereas a TICM doctor, I start looking at spiritual health alongside general health. 

MS can appear anytime in teenage or adult life and is common in people who spend their childhood in countries a long way from the equator such as northern USA, Canada, and northern Europe due to cold climate. This indicates to me that it is an environmental trigger already. Allahu’Alam. The underlying problem in MS is that small patches called plaques develop within the central nervous system where the myelin coating of the nerve fibres has degenerated…..if you want to know more about MS please read up on it on google scholar, google is not to be trusted. Those who know me know that I am not a fan of information on the internet as anyone can put up anything. 

From an Islamic perspective, we know that all diseases are related to the blood. Our emotions, our environment, the moon, the sun and everything we do and are surrounded by have an effect on the blood. This is where I recommend reading Jinn’s and Human Sicknesses. So, for the brain to be degenerating at any age, I will immediately look to see if there is enough blood providing nourishment and lubrication to the brain. In addition, as this is an unknown condition I will look at spiritual health and jinn’s to see if there is an obstruction (stagnation) somewhere in the body as blood gets coagulated where sometimes I am taking chunks of blood out from the person in an area I have been guided to go to. Remember we have jinn’s flowing through our bloodstreams. 

An obstruction (stagnation) is like streams and rivers in nature for the water to flow there must be adequate water and a clear pathway. When there is too little, or the river is blocked with pollution or debris the water will stagnate and fester. The flow of energy, blood, and fluids in our body is very similar. When we have adequate amounts and clear paths for these essences to flow through, we have vitality, can ward off disease and heal quickly. When it is inadequate or blocked, we stagnate.

But stagnation has more than one type as follows: 

-Energy stagnation: A bit of sighing, feeling of frustration or being stuck and non-pitting oedema. It can move quickly out of stasis with a little movement or change in the thought process. Yeah, a lot of stasis comes of congestion of thoughts and habituated emotions. Minor PMS falls into this category. 

- Food and fluid stagnation: If fluid or food stagnates it is a given that energy will be stagnate too. So, you can add to the above symptom’s slow digestion, eating too quickly or when you are emotionally upset, pitted oedema, retention of fluids, slowed digestion, nausea, bloating, and congestion of fluids. 

-Blood stagnation: Most serious. Blood has started to coagulate. This can be as simple as a localised bruise from an injury or as deep as a long held emotional patterns and chronic illness. There is often pain. Patterns like congestive heart failure, cancers, and other serious illnesses have congealed blood patterns. If you are needing to take blood thinners, there is blood stasis. 

For MS, there will be a combination of all 3 from TICM perspective causing heaviness, numbness, and tingling. There will also be a weakness of Kidneys and Liver causing dizziness, problems with vision, difficulty in urination and muscle weakness. There may also be muscle spasms due to a weak Liver. Some drugs patients are prescribed alongside steroids will lead to further stagnation and further weakness of the organs involved so medication will only be suppressing the MS. 


- TICM doctor will advise you of foods to eat according to individual diagnoses. But avoid damp and greasy foods. 

- Do have bone broths and ginger tea.

- Hijama treatment to disperse stagnation so there will be a free flow of energy and blood.

- Electro-acupuncture to the head.

- TICM doctor will prescribe Chinese herbal medicine.

Allah (SWT) has promised His (SWT) creation a cure for every dis-ease except death. Allah (SWT) promise is true and I have absolute faith in that not because I have been blessed to treat His (SWT) creation, but I have lived it personally. No medical treatment will ever overpower Qur’an and Sunnah and it is shifa for those who believe. In Surah Al-Ankaboot Allah (SWT) clearly tells us through trials He (SWT) will determine who is a true believer and that is enough for me.

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