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Mulberry (Sang Shen)

Mulberries are the delicious berries of mulberry trees that mainly grow in Asia and North America. The berries come in shades of black, white and red. In TICM, the entire tree, fruit, bark and leaves are used for their nourishing medicinal properties.

When dried, the black variety of mulberry fruit is used and beloved in TICM. It is categorised under herbs that tonify Blood. To tonify means to invigorate or strengthen, and since our Blood is essential to our vitality and needs consistent nourishment, it is imperative to include foods and herbs in your daily diet that do so. That is also why this fruit and herb is regarded as anti-aging and immunity boosting.

Mulberry helps vision, hair, skin and circulation with its naturally occurring properties.

Mulberry can be used to help prevent hair loss and early grey hair, improve vision, invigorate Blood circulation, tinnitus, back pain, treat dry and sensitive skin and maintain a healthy Heart. It is especially good for those with insomnia that have lots of dreams. It helps lubricate the intestines and relieve constipation and dryness. Mulberry fruits can help restore a harmonious balance in the body.


Temperature: cold.

Flavour: sweet.

Organs entered: Kidney, Liver, Heart.

Actions: strengthens the Spleen for healthy digestion, tonifies the Liver, nourishes Yin and Blood, supports cardiovascular health, promotes the production of saliva, increases bodily fluids, replenishes Jing/Essence and moistens dryness.

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