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Miscarriages in TICM

Miscarriages are both physically and emotionally taxing. Emotions like disappointment, confusion, guilt, grief and loneliness are only some of the feelings that result from this traumatic experience. I pray that the TICM perspective can help both mentally and physically. TICM always offers healing and hope for any occurrence. Let's dive in about the causes of miscarriage with healing tips to follow. 

In western medicine, there is a relationship between maternal age and miscarriage with some research is now suggesting that paternal age may also play a role. Women with male partners over age 35 have more than twice the risk of miscarriage, compared with women who have younger partners. Other factors include foetal genetic abnormalities, anatomical factors, immunological factors, endocrine imbalances, bacterial infections, environmental toxicities, and lifestyle factors.

While age may play a role in the odds in western medicine, I have seen an increase in the number of young couples suffering from miscarriage(s). One young lady contacted me few days ago saying she had 3 miscarriages and has been unable to get pregnant for 5 years now. It is up to you to make up your own mind, but as far as I am concerned western medicine is a load of BS and doctors are FOS. I had a 55 year old who had a son at the age of 40 and during the c-section, doctors wanted to butcher out her Uterus. Thank God she told them to get away from her as along came me to assist her in having a healthy baby girl.

In TICM, the reproductive system runs on Qi (our vital energy), Jing (our Kidney essence) and our Yin and Yang (cool and warm energy). The vigor, quality and balance of these vital substances are mirrored through the capacity of egg health for females and sperm health in male. In fact in TICM, fertility is the natural expression of a body full of vital life force (Qi) and free flowing Blood. I personally believe from experience, as long as you look after your body, there is no reason why the body cannot produce healthy eggs and sperm until the day we die. 

It is difficult to pinpoint one root cause for miscarriage because it warrants an individual diagnoses. Overall, the most common reason for miscarriage could be Qi deficiency within the Kidney meridian. Our Kidney holds our Jing and is the organ system responsible for reproduction. While Western medicine may say that you have low progesterone levels, in TICM it would be referred to as a deficiency in Kidney Yang. These two statements are saying the same thing, just from different medical perspectives. 

Another factor that may contribute is Spleen Qi deficiency, the organ system responsible for nutrient absorption, nutrient transport and the formation of Blood and Qi. Spleen is also the organ that holds the pregnancy in place. If the Spleen is weak, it will let go of the baby leading to a miscarriage.

Cold Uterus is another reason why re-occurring miscarriages will continue. As the old saying goes about the bun in the oven, if the oven is not at the right temperature, they baby will not survive in a cold environment. The baby will literally freeze to death. 

Faulty sperm is another cause of miscarriage especially if it is in the few weeks. Therefore, when I treat fertility patients, I like to inspect the father to be too. 

All of our body's vital substances (Jing, Yin, Yang, and Qi) do naturally decline with age in these modern times because we were all living a very hectic lifestyle. Lifestyle, poor diet, overwork, overexertion, drug and alcohol abuse, emotional trauma, unresolved emotions, accidents/falls, synthetic medication, and excessive stress can all greatly accelerate the process of draining these vital essences, resulting in imbalanced or deficient essences leading to miscarriage.

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