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Mirroring nature

Our body clock, or circadian rhythm, is the internal system that regulates Qi (our energy) throughout the body in 2 hour organ and meridian specific intervals. Daily dips and spikes in energy can give valuable information into your hidden health imbalances. We know that the body, mind and emotions are interconnected in TICM, so discovering your weak spot can help you heal physically and emotionally. For example, many people like to skip breakfast, but if you look at the body clock, the digestive organs peak between 7am-11am. This means it is optimal digesting time. The Spleen supports metabolism and converts nutrients into energy, it is craving warmth and sustenance to support mental alertness, work, and physical activity. Beginning around 2pm your brain demands about 80% of the glucose (or sugar) in your bloodstream. This is the optimal time of day for mental clarity and function. However, most people feel a slump and crave sugar at this time because they haven’t eaten wisely enough to create stable Blood sugar levels. It is imperative to eat real, whole foods and you will notice you won't crave caffeine or sugar for a boost during this time. I am always telling my patients to go to bed early. That is because the Gallbladder and Liver shine from 11p-3am. They are responsible for regeneration, resting and detoxing. The Liver process wastes and emotions! If you continually stay up late, these processes happen with less Qi behind them. For example, if you eat a big meal late, your body will be using energy to digest instead of detox. For those with women's imbalances, hormonal issues, extreme stress or anger, emotional imbalances, substance abuse, it is imperative. Take a look at the body clock. Where do you feel great and where do you want to improve? Our body is always supporting us through clues known as symptoms. Symptoms are our friends. Get to the root cause and heal.

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