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Mind-body connection

Mind-Body connection in TICM

Willpower is defined as control exerted to do something or restrain impulses. It seems that certain people demonstrate so much willpower and others seem almost void in that same sense. For example, I see patients who quickly adjust to the suggestions I recommend to them and others who can't seem to make a change to save their life literally. When I see lack of willpower, I gain more insight on how to treat my patient. In TICM, willpower is viewed similarly to a muscle, it can be trained. On the other hand, just like a muscle, willpower can be depleted. Over-exerting self-control over time can drain the muscle and cause collapse if not used properly. What can you do if you are somebody who has difficulty with willpower? You can use TICM to help build your willpower capacity. In TICM, the word for will is Zhi. Zhi is associated with the Kidney and the water element. Water is linked to the origin and beginnings of life, as are the Kidneys within us. The perfect will moves us toward our divine purpose in life and every day. If the energy of the Kidney system is strong, the will and willpower will also be strong. Talk about this with your acupuncturist and discuss the health of your Kidney organ system. Acupuncture helps this because the needles stimulate the energy of the Kidneys, thus increasing willpower. What depletes Kidney energy and decreases willpower? Poor food and drink intake, unhealthy habits, stress, over-exertion, over-work, environmental toxins and pollution and burning the candle at both ends including drug use, partying, going to bed late. Proper rest, warm foods, broths, and self-reflection is crucial to balance the Kidneys.

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