Those who have been following my posts will know by now that TICM is about getting to the root of the problem and we classify everything whether it’s the medical condition, medication, herbs, foods and everything else under the sun into thermal nature. It is also extremely important to know the functions, indications, contraindications, and chemical interactions.

Methotrexate as I know it is a highly toxic and very hot drug that is reserved exclusively for cancer patients in the UK. However, in Australia it seems to be prescribed for everything and people unknowingly go along with their doctors and take the drugs causing greater unnecessary harm causing health issues for the future.

Two weeks ago, an elderly lady was taking methotrexate for her arthritis. Arthritis is a hot condition. It’s even been prescribed for people who have dermatological issues, whereby many patients actually already have toxic heat in the Blood.

Recently I heard that doctors prescribed it for an ectopic pregnancy which is also hot in nature. Wow is all I have to say! When you give a patient toxic hot drugs for a hot condition, I will let you work out the end result apart from patient retaining further heat in the body. For this reason, I hope you can all understand why it’s so important for a doctor to know the thermal nature of the condition and drugs before prescribing. If your doctor cannot explain everything I’ve mentioned, I would walk away and find someone who can.

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