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Mental health

Mental health: does it really exist or is it another drug dealers label?

Mental health is not actually a medical issue or a big deal as drug dealers make out to be. When this is properly looked into, mental health is an issue with the Blood.

Concentration, calmness, and mental clarity, three very precious states of being that sometimes feel unattainable. Though we wouldn't necessarily equate these feelings with our physical health, in TICM, being able to concentrate, feel calm and have mental clarity are very much associated with our physical state and well-being. Experiencing anxiety, panic attacks, fear, fatigue, poor memory, poor sleep, phobias, short attention span or depression are related to an imbalance of the Heart and Spleen. They are signals that our Blood is lacking proper nourishment. Our Spleen absorbs nutrients from food and then transports and transforms them to build and nourish Blood. When Spleen function is impaired the Blood will lack proper nourishment, scattering the Shen (Spirit/Ruh) and leaving the mind and emotions disturbed. A recent study found that high levels of stress can affect gut bacteria to a similar degree as a high-fat diet; while other studies have shown that reducing the number of bacteria in the gut can produce stress-induced activity in mice. In one study findings showed that compared with healthy controls, patients with depression had lower levels of healthy bacteria even after taking into account patients’ use of antidepressants. Herbal therapy: Spleen formula’s helps balance mood, anxiety, depression, panic attacks and even fear. When Spleen function is impaired, Blood lacks proper nourishment, and the mind and emotions scatter and feel disturbed. This traditional formula has been used to restore the Spleen function to help Blood, Heart, mind, and emotion and help you get a good night's sleep. The formula’s are available from your TCM healer. Lifestyle tips: mediation, walking in nature, eating whole foods, cutting down (or avoiding) sugar, alcohol, caffeine and nicotine, acupuncture, Qigong, Salaah, massage, exercise, daily probiotics, vitamins like magnesium and zinc, warm breakfast every morning, reducing raw and cold foods, eating fermented foods, going to bed before 11pm, spending time with people who lift you up, volunteering, not over-extending yourself, therapy. 1:

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