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Mental clarity

Calmness and mental clarity

At this present time, we may all be feeling like soncentration, calmness and mental clarity, the three very precious mentalities feel unattainable. Even before the scamdemic, perhaps this was the case during unfamiliar circumstances on life’s journey.

Though we would not necessarily equate these feelings with our physical health, in TICM, being able to concentrate, feel calm and have mental clarity are very much associated to our physical state and well being.

Feelings like anxiety, panic attack, fear, fatigue, poor memory, phobias, short attention span or depression are related to an imbalance of the Heart and Spleen. They are signals that our Blood is lacking proper nourishment.

Summertime is the perfect time to soothe and heal these conditions. The sun's energy which is also referred to as Yang energy (warm energy) is the strongest. This is the energy that correlates to our Heart organ system.

Our Heart houses our Shen/Ruh which is like our spirit but also holds the mind. Shen/Ruh includes our mental activity as well as our consciousness and is the hub of focus, intelligence, planning and our thoughts and ideas and how to work to manifest them. All emotions are considered a reflection of our Shen/Ruh and Shen/Ruh is specifically said to live in the Blood.

Our Spleen absorbs nutrients from food and transports and transforms them to nourish Blood. When Spleen function is impaired through stress, worry, improper diet, skipping meals, etc, the Blood will lack proper nourishment, scattering the Shen/Ruh and leaving the mind and emotions disturbed and out of balance.

Spleen formula is a traditional formula that strengthens the Spleen, Heart, Qi (vital energy) and Blood which in turn supports the mind and emotions. Just a few drops a day if you get it in liquid form, will help you find relief.

Spleen formulas also helps excess perspiration, night sweats, irregular menstruation, leukorrhea, dizziness, blurry vision, genital itchiness, impotence, nocturnal emissions, weak abdomen, abdominal distention after eating, premenstrual spotting, dry skin and dry hair.

Other treatments you may wish to have are cupping, acupuncture, moxibustion, etc.

Or you could at home try prayer, meditation, Qigong, journalling, talking things out with someone with integrity, go hiking in the mountains, enjoy nature, walk bare feet on soil, go to the beach, go tree hugging which I love, gaze at the moon which is my personal favourite that I often talk about along with the sun.

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