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Meniere's disease is an inner ear disease that typically affects one ear. This disease can cause pressure or pain in the ear, severe cases of dizziness or vertigo, hearing loss and a ringing or roaring noise, also known as tinnitus. It is said that it can last for years or be lifelong.

Meniere's disease can be a result of the following according to TICM: 

Deficit in the Sea of Marrow. Marrow is the material foundation for the central nervous system and is what makes up the brain, this is related to the leakage of Jing and an imbalanced kidney. This could be accompanied by any other symptoms like: poor concentration and memory, feeling constantly confused and foggy, insomnia, forgetfulness, anxiety. 

To assist this imbalance, herbal medicine is ideal, work on tonifying kidney and nourishing yin. Kidney time is 5pm-7pm every day and one simple way to help prevent toxic build up in our Kidneys is to drink 1-2 glasses of warm or hot water between that time on an empty Stomach. Foods that improve kidney function are: beets, burdock, asparagus, black sesame seeds, walnuts, seaweed, grapes, black rice, miso, tamari, berries, shellfish, black beans. 

Qi and Blood deficiency is another imbalance that can lead to Menerie. This usually has symptoms of fatigue, spontaneous sweating and weak pulse.

To assist in rebuilding Qi and Blood, take herbal medicine, replenish Spleen by having ginger powder daily, Ren Shen (ginseng), Huang Qi (astragalus), root vegetables, broths and soups for daily nourishment. Also, eat an early dinner to give your Stomach time to rest. Eating heavy foods at night only causes more strain on your organs as they need their time to rest and repair. 

Too much cold and dampness. This is a failure to burn off or transform moisture in the body. It is nearly always associated with a weak spleen, often with a weak Kidney and possibly a Lung.

Living in a damp climate can add unnecessary moisture within the body. Internal causes of dampness are diets rich in fatty, inflammatory and greasy food. What is dampness exactly? Think of a rainy, wet phlegm, clammy, sluggish, swollen, groggy, or cold. Excess cold in the body is a diet too heavy in raw and cold foods, shutting down the digestive fire in our stomachs. If our Stomach's can't metabolise food, other organs suffer because they aren't supplied vital nutrients. 

To remove cold and dampness incorporate ginger powder daily into your diet, take Qi or Schisandra tincture and eat warm, cooked foods and drinks, even in warmer temperatures. Avoid gluten, dairy, refined sugars, processed foods, leftovers or food stored in the refrigerator overnight. Make sure to rest adequately and deal with emotions by meditating and journaling. 

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs are a great remedy to helping Menerie. Because Menerie can stem from a few different root issues, it is best to talk to your doctor about all your symptoms so they can put you on the correct regime.

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