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Men’s health

In the most general sense, health issues men experience can be traced back to imbalance in Kidney and Liver function. In TICM, when we refer to organ function, we are describing the responsibility which that system has in its part of keeping the body balanced. Please share this post with the men in your life. Messages, which manifest as physical symptoms, are what we can use as warning signs to help understand where the body particularly needs support. Some signs of Kidney function imbalance include the following: lower back or knee pain, anxiety and lack of confidence, prostatitis, impotence, low libido, premature ejaculation, infertility. The Kidney system is the battery of the body, holding the reserve energy or Qi. When Kidney energy is being depleted, the whole body tends to suffer. Burning the candle at both ends lifestyle drains this energy. Herbal formulas to support Kidneys, speak to your doctor. Some signs of Liver function imbalance include the following: headaches, redness of the face and eyes, dizziness, dry mouth, easily irritated, angered, stressed, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, depression, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine dependency. The Liver system oversees the smooth flow of Qi (energy), Blood and emotions. It is damaged by stress, overwork, going to bed late, excess caffeine, greasy foods, alcohol and stimulants and emotional imbalances. Herbal formulas to support Liver: speak to your doctor.

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