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There are several underlying causes can bring about memory problems. According to Western medicine, forgetfulness can arise from stress, depression, lack of sleep, thyroid problems, certain medicines, an unhealthy diet or not having enough fluids in your body. This can all be very well true. Even my younger patients are complaining about poor memory. In TICM, there are several factors that can contribute to the feeling of poor memory or forgetfulness. A healthy mind involves harmony between the Sea of Marrow, also known as the Brain, and the Shen, which is the Spirit /Ruh ruled by the Heart. Our memory is the most influenced by the Spleen, Kidney and Heart organ systems. Spleen: influences short-term memory, analytical thinking, studying, memorising, focusing, generating ideas and concentration. It is damaged by improper nutrition and worry. The Chinese character for the mental aspect of the Spleen is Yi which can be translated to idea or intention.

Kidney: dictates short-term memory and retention, is damaged by fear and aging, which is essentially the loss of Jing, our essence which supplies the body with energy that is in charge of adrenals, hormone balance and genetics received from your conception.

Heart: is for long-term memory and recall, damaged by motional and chemical over stimulation. Heart Blood deficiency and Heart-Yin deficiency are a common cause of poor memory. TICM can greatly influence memory through balancing and nourishing the Heart, Kidney and Spleen systems. Leading a healthy life by proper nutrition, lifestyle, toxin avoidance, spiritual harmony, acupuncture, Salaah and Qigong, movement, connection to nature, rest, community and joy will help your memory. Use these specific formulas to help your memory, speak to your TICM physician: Jing formula: strengthens and builds Jing, harmonises Kidney Wu Wei Zi (Schisandra): nourishes the Heart and all organs. Balances Kidney fluids and overall strengthens the Kidney Qi(energy). Blood tonics: nourishes our brain and is the key ingredient to healthy mental function. Spleen formula’s: nourishes the connection between the Shen and the Spleen, which is rooted in the Blood.

When Spleen function is impaired, Blood lacks proper nourishment and Shen /Spirit/Ruh becomes scattered.

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