this common skin condition melasma, which can easily be treated with uva ursi.

Bears snack on its fruits, Native Americans smoke it, women take it for UTIs. Studies question this traditional use of uva ursi but indicate its potential to combat brain and liver damage, high blood pressure, allergies, and more. 

Perfect your skin: you can make your skin flawless and blemish-free with Uva Ursi. A topical application can help get rid of dark spots, age spots and acne scars. In fact, if you are worried about those fine lines and wrinkles, use an extract from this shrub to help reduce their visibility.

Works as sunscreen: if you are worried about getting sunburned, you will definitely love Uva Ursi. It contains hydroquinine, which is a skin lightener. So apply the extract on your skin before venturing out into the sun and you will never have to worry about getting sunburned or tanned.

Mute melasma: uva ursi can help you if you suffer from melasma or ochronosis. Melasma or the occurrence of dark patches on the skin is quite common among pregnant women. Ochronosis is a skin condition that causes bluish-black patches all over the body, which can be helped with the application of uva ursi.

Reduce hair fall: you can reduce hair fall by using an extract of uva ursi. It helps to strengthen the roots and makes hair stronger. The nutrients in the extract can easily be absorbed by the hair follicles and this helps to strengthen hair.

UTI: urinary tract infections can be a pain and if you ignore them, they can turn into something more serious. The normal treatment plan for UTIs involves antibiotics, which can cause side effects. Now, you can cure urinary tract infections with uva ursi.

Arthritis: uva ursi is also quite beneficial for people suffering from arthritis. If you apply this calcium and omega rich extract on your aching arthritic joints, it will ease the discomfort and strengthen your joints as well.

Protect your liver: corilagin, which is abundant in uva ursi leaves, may protect the liver against parasitic infections, potentially toxic drugs (Tylenol), bleeding caused by injuries, and impaired bile acid flow.

Protect blood vessels: corilagin may protect blood cholesterol (LDL) from oxidative damage, a major cause of plaque buildup in blood vessels (atherosclerosis). In cell experiments, it was equal or even more potent than EGCG, an antioxidant from green tea.

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