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Matter of perspective

Matter of Perspective

"every day is not a good day. But, there is good in every day".

How we experience life is always a matter of perspective. We have the choice to focus our attention on whatever it is that we want.

We can focus all our attention on bad news, the calamities going on around the world, what we are lacking in life, what we miss the most and all the uncertainties and things we have no control over.

This will likely leave you feeling sad, depressed and down in your mood. From a TICM perspective this will also stimulate your stress response also known as our sympathetic nervous system, which will result in a reduction in our body's immune function and its capacity to heal and fight off viruses and infections.

Particularly at this time, fear and despair are the last things we should be allowing to take over our internal environment. Which is why we must condition our mind to focus on what is good with our situation, why we are so fortunate and what it is we have in abundant supply to use at our disposal.

Asking our brain these questions will empower you with the focus and clarity to help utilise what is right in front of us and enjoy the moment. Doing otherwise will result in your feeling disempowered and numb at the thought of all you don’t have access to or control over.

It takes away from all 4 of life's limited resources, which are TIME, ENERGY, FOCUS, MONEY.

How are we using our time?

How are we using our energy?

Where is our focus?

Are we utilising our financial resources in the best way we can?

Let us keep our vibrations and energy so high and focus on all evil being exposed and destroyed.

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