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Male infertility

Male infertility can easily be traced back to weak Kidneys. Kidney is so important in both male and female fertility is because this organ is the supplier for all other organs, while being the base for birth, growth, and reproduction.

The following makes Kidneys weak

-Drug abuse.

-High levels of stress.

-Poor diet.

-Too much sexual activity.

-High consumption of alcohol.

What strengthens Kidneys.

-Kidney Hijama.


-Moderate exercise.

-A diet rich in nourishing and nutritious, whole foods.

-Managing stress, taking time to unwind naturally, without drugs or drinking.

-Chinese herbs for Kidneys

-Foods to eat: almonds, anchovy, avocado, black beans, black sesame seeds, brussel sprouts, chicken, coconut, dark leafy greens, eggs, fish, ghee, kidney beans, mung beans, mussels, organ meats, oysters, raspberries, salmon, sardines, seaweeds, sea salt, figs and wheat grass.

-All foods especially animal products to be organic and sustainable when possible for they benefit the body much more than conventionally raised foods and are without hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides.

Weak Kidneys can also lead to issues with blood pressure and diabetes.

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