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Lower back pain

In TICM, any bone related issues we look at the root cause which stems from the Kidneys. Lower back pain is painful, frustrating, hard to relieve and persistent. Lower back pain is a common complaint from people of all walks of life. Thankfully TICM is a wonderful way to treat this symptoms, as there are remedies dating back to ancient times as lower back pain was a condition noted frequently even back then.

As always in TICM, we believe that there is a an underlying imbalance that creates a symptom like lower back pain. Let’s look closer at some of the possible root causes.

Kidney weakness: the Kidneys are located in the lower back, and often times when there is an imbalance, lower back pain becomes a common symptom. Our Kidneys store our "essence" also known in TCM as our Jing and they control the growth and development and reproductive system in the body, our adrenals, our sex organs and fertility, bones, teeth, hair and hearing. The Kidney is also so important because it supplies reserve energy to any organ running low on energy. The reserve energy is much like a savings account, it is the energy you were born with, inherited by your parents. Kidney deficiency can happen through improper diet, feelings of anger, chronic stress, diet high in toxins, drugs and alcohol abuse, excessive sexual ejaculation, lack of sleep and staying up late.

Blood Stasis is through injury, constant strain or trauma whereby Blood flow can become stagnated in the area that's injured. This can also cause inflammation because there is no proper flow of Blood or energy running through the affected area.

Damp-Cold pathogens: external pathogens include dampness and cold can invade the lumbar region of the body and cause pain. This is especially true if you live in damp climates or are exposed to cold on the back without proper covering. The pathogens cause energy and Blood stagnation leaving improper circulation to the area, causing pain and discomfort.

So what are the signs of weak Kidneys?

1: back pain, enhanced pain during rainy days.

2: frequent urination: at least 3 times and more at night; or weak stream.

3: constipation, dry stool.

4: low concentration, fatigue.

5: forgetfulness, insomnia.

6: aversion to cold and wind with cold hands and feet.

7: reduced libido.

8: chronic sickness, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease.

9: low immunity, frequent cold and flu.

10: hair loss.

If you have 4 or more of the above, you should start paying attention to your Kidneys.

What can TICM doctors do for lower back pain?

Acupuncture and cupping: are wonderful ways to promote proper Blood circulation to the area.

Qigong: use specific postures to smooth the flow of energy and Blood flow through the area.

Tinctures and herbs for Kidney weakness to tonify energy, Liver Blood and Kidney Jing.

Ginger powder tea as always to help to fight inflammation, promote circulation and promote the healthy flow of Blood.

So how can you help your Kidneys?

1: Adjust and maintain a balanced lifestyle by not overworking and make sure to rest properly. The best bed time is before ‪10:30pm‬ to rise before dawn.

2: Keep a positive attitude and emotions, use meditation to balance your mind and clear away negative thoughts and emotions such as fear, worry, sadness, anxiety, stress, anger, agitation, depression. Be happy and be thankful, use positive affirmations.

3: Food intake - try to eat at a regular time, do not skip meals, especially breakfast. It is best to have large breakfast, medium lunch and small dinner.

4: Eat non-GMO, organic, and freshly cooked meals daily. Use simple seasonings, such as olive oil, herbs, lemon, salt. Keep it mild.

5: Drink warm/hot water between 5:00pm-7:00pm, massage lower back.

6: Always keep lower back and feet warm.

Foods that help Kidneys (think black/dark:

Black sesame seed





Black rice

Black bean

Lotus seed

Wood ear

Dates (red and black)

Wild yam

Goji berry

Congee using Huang Qi, He Shou Wu, Du Zhong

Select 5-6 items from the list above and try to incorporate them into your diet daily, or at least 3 times a week.

Chinese herbal formulas such as Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan can help with Kidneys and Liu Wei Di Huang Wan both available from your TICM doctor.

Things to avoid

Pain killers



Over consumption of cold foods and beverages especially for Kidneys are cold.

Over consumption of meat, salt/sodium, alcohol, and spicy foods.

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