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Lower back and abdomen

The lower back and lower abdomen is something I always stress to patients to keep warm regardless of background, gender or weather. I also ask them to keep warm head, neck, shoulders and feet. Even in the summer it annoys me when I see people wearing flip flops not to mention that the rough dry cracked heels you gain along the way which is a no no for Liver and Lungs.

The lower back is where our Kidneys are situated and lower abdomen is our reproductive area and Dantian and Jing (there is no proper translation in English). This area is also known to TCM doctors as belt vessel, girdle vessel or Dai Mai is located at the centre of the body like a belt. It Is the only horizontal meridian in our body, it helps keep all vertical meridians stay in normal flow of energy (Qi) and Blood, it is like a belt to keep them within the boundary. Belt vessel also responsible for energy (Qi) circulation around the Kidneys, maintaining the Kidneys' health keeping the reproductive system warm and healthy.

When there is blockage in the belt vessel as a patient is overweight the belt vessel is blocked. It is like the belt is stretched or loosed or uncleaned, we will start having love handle, round stomach, extra belly fat.

So how can you keep your belt vessel healthy and and say good bye to extra fat at mid area?

Keep warm in this area, even in summer night, use a light sheet as blanket to cover belt vessel.

Drink ginger tea.

Tap the belt vessel by making both hands make a fist, start by tapping at lower back and then abdomen.

I personally apply a stick on heat pack on the front and back of my underwear and it keeps me warm for the whole day.

Having a healthy belt vessel means:

skinny waist line, helps infertility, no Stomach discomfort, improves digestion, balances menstrual cycle, helps lumbar weakness, helps muscular weakness in the lumbar and lower extremities, helps weakness in the legs, helps with walking problems.

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