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Love yourself

Love yourself first

"Where there is self love there is endless happiness" a beautiful quote I read that reminded me of the importance of self love for the health and vitality of our entire being. How can you give another love if you don't give it to yourself? Why are we so eager to find love when we haven't found the love within ourselves?

The practice of self love is really that, a practice. It may feel strange at first, but stick with it and remember that it needs reinforcement, several times daily in order to make it a ritual. With love for yourself, your inner strength will make you flexible yet impenetrable. Think of trees in a storm, they sway back and forth in the wind, but their roots stay firmly planted in the ground.

Self love tips:

Don't speak negatively of yourself, even in a joking manner. Your body doesn't know if you are joking or not and because every word contains a vibration, your cells react to that.

Give the same care to yourself as you do for others. Empathic people tend to put others needs in front of their own. Though this may seem harmless, the more you do it the more you put yourself in a deficit, sending your body the wrong message. It's like putting other people's oxygen masks before you put on your own. It is fantastic to care so much for others, these are the types of people we need in the world. But just remember to give that same care to yourself, first and foremost, so you have a strong foundation. Taking care of yourself is the ultimate form of self love. That can be prioritising time in the morning for mediation, exercise, or making your food for the day. It can be going for a walk in the park, taking a bath, reading a book, painting a landscape.

Express your creativity, joy and passions. When you partake in actions that bring you joy, don't you notice how alive you feel? That feeling is pure life force energy as you are aligned with yourself on a deep level, radiating love.

Maintain your boundaries. Boundaries are a word we hear quite often these days, whether at work, with friends or with our partner. A boundary is essentially a line you draw in order for you to feel safe and good in whatever the circumstance is. It is a clear recognition of what you want.

In TICM, each organ system responds to specific sounds. Use sounds like “haaaaa” to course stagnant Heart Qi, and “shhhhh” to harmonise its flow. This can help open up your Heart.

There is nothing more beautiful than someone who loves themselves, that feeling radiates out of their Heart and is contagious. The more you practice this, the more peace you will feel. A peaceful Heart equates to a healthy body.

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