Love your Kidneys

Three simple ways to support your Kidneys

Due to mass on going fear, it’s absolutely essential we keep our Kidney’s in tip top shape. This exercise will literally take one minute.

If you have a body tapper, tap away at the front of your body as well as the back where the Kidneys are located as this will stimulate circulation. If you don’t have a body tapper, simply make two loose fists and start tapping. In TICM, the smooth glow of Blood and energy throughout the body has a profound effect on our health. Tapping all over the body will help avoid blockages and imbalances that will cause stagnation.

If you have a crystal comb, use it across your upper chest to help stimulate the upper Kidney points. Combing in this way will help keep the Kidney channel clear and flow of circulation smooth.

Our hands are power tools too so use them to tap all over your body. You can also rub your palms together until warm and then place them over your Kidneys gently moving them up and down.

Remember, Kidneys love warmth and are depleted by cold. So do simple techniques daily for optimum health.

Keep away from death centres.

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