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Love Liver

Our Liver acts as the general commander of our body. When the Liver is functioning at its highest level, the body is healthy and working efficiently. It is said that when the General has excellent soldiers to fight battles (toxins), there is nothing that can penetrate our body to cause illness. Toxins are always entering our system, it is more important to build a strong army than trying to shoo away aggravators, that will just lead to exhaustion because the job will never be done. A happy Liver means excess weight will shed, emotions will feel balanced, periods will come and go without discomfort, and our hearts will be joyful and happy. Love Liver:

Drink warm water upon rising (I have my warm water ready in a flask for first thing in the morning upon rising). Eat breakfast between 7-9am. Sleep before 11pm. Do not eat late at night. Connect with nature everyday. Meditate to calm emotions and mind. Acupressure, acupuncture and cupping. Moderate exercise like walking, yoga, pilates, Qigong, weight training. Take my Liver formula’s to power the Liver and balance emotions. Eat sour foods to stimulate Liver health like sauerkraut, broccoli rabe, citrus. Incorporate greens, dandelion greens, aubergine, fennel, and scallions. Drink warm ginger powder tea to stimulate digestion and natural detoxification. Opt out of raw food and lightly steam or sauté your vegetables for less energy spent on digesting and more time spent on healing. Women: do not strain yourself while on your period and immediately leading up to it. Take it easy and rest as much as possible, refraining from vigorous exercise and stress.

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