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Love Kidneys

Love Kidneys (Root of our body)

Proper Yin is essential because it is the essence and fluid used to moisten our body, specifically all the organs, cells, Blood vessels and glands. Once we lack Yin, all our body parts can easily become rigid, become overheated and lose proper function.

Use Kidney 6 (KID6) also known as the Shining Sea point to help Yin.

KID6 is one of the acupuncture points that helps open the Conception Vessel also Ren channel. The Conception Vessel helps to circulate energy through the middle section of the body, especially to the reproductive organs.

Benefits of KID6

Yin deficient throat related issues: sore throat, swollen, dry, loss of voice, difficult swallowing.

A range of menstrual issues: absence of period, painful menstruation, infertility from cold in the Uterus, vaginal discharge

Genital issues: swelling, itching, seminal emission and/or involuntary erections in men.

Constipation from Yin Deficiency.

Insomnia, disturbed sleep with nightmares, Yin deficiency symptoms such as hot hands/feet, night sweats.

A range of anxiety disorders, fear/fright.

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