Lotus seeds

Strengthen all organs with lotus seeds

Lotus seed is another common food we eat all the time. We use it in herbal formula, in soups or in cooking. It is slightly sweet, contains protein, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin B1, B2, beta-carotene, vitamin C. In TICM, lotus seed tonifies all organs, especially the heart, spleen and kidney. It also smooths the flow of Qi and Blood in the meridians, prevents cancer, benefits the brain and Jing (essence), calms Shen and mind, reduces anxiety, improves memory, helps insomnia, reduces high blood pressure and protects our stomach and intestines. Here are some ways to use it: 1: Add sweet rice and Chinese brown sugar to calm the Shen and tonify the spleen.

2: Add longan, lily bulb, to help anxiety, palpitations, stress reduction, improve concentration and insomnia.

3: Add Chinese barley, gorgon to make rice soup which will help with diarrhea, strengthen the spleen, reduce dampness and help with chronic fatigue.

4: Add goji berry, wild yam, red dates. This can help ear ringing, or improve hearing loss, improve dry eyes and strengthen the back.

5: Add red dates and barley (check my old post for the recipe). Tips: Soak lotus seeds before use. If you see a green pulp inside, keep it though it tastes a little bitter it is another good herb, clearing heat from the heart and reducing blood pressure. (They usually take it out and sell it separately.)

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